19 - 20 September, Zurich, Switzerland

Reshaping Digital Businesses by Transforming the World of Money, Business and Society

The World Blockchain Congress -Bahrain 2018 is for Economies, and Companies looking to stay ahead of the game realizing the Potential impact that Blockchain can have on their Economy or Organization

For many People, Blockchain has been synonymous with Bitcoin. Although Bitcoins were one of the Primary reasons for Creation of Blockchain. There have been a lot of Developments in this Technology and now, this Technology has the Potential to impact and boost Operational Efficiencies of large number of Organizations across the Globe. While the Financial Services may be at the Forefront of these changes. This Opportunity has presented itself with increased urgency across a wide range of Sectors. Such as Government and Ministries, Advertising, Hospitality, Healthcare, Energy, Food and Agriculture and more - if there’s a Business there’s a transaction, and wherever there’s a transaction there is an opportunity for Blockchain.

However, many of the Industries Players are working in an Uncoordinated or Fragmented Manner. This Event will bring together the Key Stakeholders working in Diverse fields creating an exciting Cross-Industry Pollination of Ideas and Approaches that will yield New Insights and explore even more New Opportunities for Growth and more importantly help in shaping the Future Blockchain Technology Policies for the Middle Eastern organizations.

"The Main Goal of this Forum is to create an accessible and a much more Diverse, Policy-oriented Platform where Business and Government Leaders can learn how Blockchain could impact their Organizations and Economies, and how they can seize the Opportunity to reap the maximum benefits this budding Technology has to offer."

Why Switzerland?

Switzerland lies in the heart of Europe and borders three of the four biggest European economies which include Germany, France and Italy. This enviable location together with its historical ties to nearby countries which allows Switzerland easy access to the region’s prime R&D and industrial resources. Although the country is not an EU member, its comprehensive free trade agreement and a series of bilateral agreements with the trade bloc enables it to benefit from a free exchange of goods, capital and innovative ideas.

The Swiss government is currently working on fortifying a regulatory framework surrounding blockchain startups and ICOs in the country. A Special Blockchain Taskforce has been created to take care of the regulatory framework for blockchain and ICO’s. The Task Force is being by many high profile dignitaries including the Finance Minister and Economics and Education Minister. The task force includes both federal and local officials as well as members of various blockchain startups and legal representatives.

The group is said to be looking at the legal guidelines extensively around ICOs and blockchain companies, while working with the State Secretariat for International Financial Matters - the federal body responsible for implementing financial market policy and representing the government's financial interests across borders.

Additionally, the government's Federal Council had also proposed a regulatory sandbox last year to which looks at creation of a more welcoming environment for startups to experiment with their projects in the country.

Part of this sandbox's mission was to monitor the latest developments of new business models being inspired by the latest financial technologies. The government has also aired hopes to encourage more companies to build their base of operations in the country.

Switzerland is home to Crypto Valley, a global blockchain and digital currency haven for emerging startups. Crypto Valley has become an emerging ground for few of the world’s most innovative and high tech startups because of its favourable political, economic and technological environment.

Nevertheless, Switzerland is one of the best places for a blockchain or digital currency-based startup to thrive in a safe, supportive and legal environment.

Switzerland has had flexible regulations and a progressive political system that has been supportive to new and innovative projects such as emerging blockchain based startups. Economic stability and the Swiss stance on innovation has managed to attract foreign investments. Switzerland is also home to few of the world’s top research institutes that take on entrepreneurial projects in the blockchain and digital currency space.

In today’s uncertain international legal climate, blockchain-based startups have difficulty gaining traction and thriving. While the Chinese, Russian and South Korean governments have imposed stringent regulations against digital currencies and blockchain based startups. Switzerland has opted for a free market approach. Reports state that the country of Switzerland is open to blockchain technology, by making an effort to understand the potential implications of this technology.

Why Attend?

One Massive Disruptive Platform to Meet and Network with the Top Investors, Advisors, Founders, Thought Leaders, and Stake Holders of the Industry and Explore Blockchain Use Cases, Implementation, Roadblocks and much more…

Hear from Top Speakers & Blockchain Experts on Blockchain Technologies.

Learn how to leverage Blockchain Technology in your Business or Economy from the Industries Top Blockchain Experts.

Learn everything about Blockchain Business Models which will take this Distributed Ledger Technology into every Market imaginable from Shipping to Commerce.

Learn how ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and Crypto Currencies can be leveraged to gain Customers, Add Value to Company Offerings and differentiate Products and Services.

Meet Startups using Blockchain to Innovate and Disrupt Industries.

Get a Hands-on Experience of Innovative Technologies and use Case Studies.

Finally, we will focus on what the Future holds for Blockchain and Electronic Currency in General.

Event location

Zurich, Switzerland

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