25 September, Moscow, Russia

A large event in Russia dedicated to all the aspects of blockchain implementation : learn about the opportunities and advantages of the new technology, cybersecurity, sharing economy and state regulation of the new type of assets.

    This section is dedicated to discussing the possibilities of the technology, learning the prospects of blockchain application and immersing into the existing stage with world's top experts in the blockchain, tokenomics, cryptography and technological integration.
    As guests, you will join the analysis of what has been created so far and what the next generation of distributed ledgers will be focused on. The event gives you an opportunity to find out the latest updates in the world of blockchain technology.
    In this section, there will be discussed the financial aspect of the blockchain integration, the evolution of ICO and the advantages and risks of going into crypto and the chances worth catching in 2018.
    The leading experts and entrepreneurs of the industry will share their knowledge and experience in trading, Initial Coin Offering and investment. The section gives you an opportunity to avoid unnecessary mistakes within your blockchain project by learning from the experience of others.

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